From the 2014 Strata Conference + Hadoop World in New York City.

Software and the rise of cloud services have given rise to revolutionary new economies – creating new markets for everything from self-published books, music and videos to mobile apps. Only a few years ago, it would have been hard to imagine developers authoring a million apps for smartphones. But that’s history. Cloud-centric economies are permanently changing the way people author and create in the knowledge economy – whether it be authors or developers – and soon, even data scientists. Joseph Sirosh will share his conviction that the next big software economy will be the Data Science Economy – one where data scientists build predictive models and intelligent services that can be published and monetized as easily as apps for the mobile phone.

About Joseph Sirosh:
I am a Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, and head the Information Management and Machine Learning group. Our talented team of scientists and engineers are developing Cloud ML services and tools to transform data at scale into intelligence. We are taking the wealth of ML capabilities in Microsoft Research and Product Groups and making it available commercially on Azure. Our first-class ML algorithms, services and tooling will help developers build amazing next-generation ML apps in the cloud and help ML become pervasive across a wide range of future scenarios. Prior to Microsoft I worked at Amazon as VP for Global Inventory Platform and CTO of the core retail business and I was VP of R&D at Fair Isaac Corporation before that. I am very passionate about ML and its applications and have been active in the field since 1990.